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Glassforce frameless glass balustrades look stunning

They are incredibly safe while being non-obtrusive maintaining your beautiful view. Our minimalist designs create a truly impressive finish to your home. Glass force frameless glass balustrades are extremely durable built to withstand extreme wind loads and seismic activity giving you that “peace of mind”. A welcome addition to any home or business.

Our glass balustrades are at the leading edge of design and technology. They are custom made to best suit your home or business.

Our standard systems not only cater for outdoor decks and balconies but look great inside the home along landings, down stairways and mezzanine floors.

A well designed and installed frameless glass balustrade can also improve the value of your property. From design to compliance, we handle it all!

Strike a perfect balance between safety, style and functionality

Award winning Glassforce frameless glass balustrades when only the best will do

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