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Architectural curved glass solutions

Curved structural glass is the latest exciting addition to our range! Curved glass literally adds another dimension to your building – transforming a planar surface into a curve. We can supply structural glass balustrade panels, roof lights and windows to meet the curvature of your stairway, wall or roof.

Don't limit your building design to two dimensions - get another dimension with curved structural glass!

Specifically designed to maximise the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety, Curved Glass is perfect for architects and designers for commercial and residential buildings.

The secret is the unique property of the glass, enabling custom curved or bent toughened glass to be designed and manufactured to uneven radii, conical and even spherical shapes.

Ideal for feature balustrading, spiral staircases, lift shafts, shower screens, curved doors, decorative screens, cabinets and counter tops. The design possibilities are practically endless.


Cass Bay Copper House

Davantech provided the curved glass for Software developer Aaron Green and wife Christine’s family home at Cass Bay near Lyttelton.

The project was featured on an episode of Grand Designs NZ.

The architect comes up with an organic-wave-shaped design they love, inspired by the “lyricism of the landscape”. Moller describes it as “exceedingly unconventional”, which fits the bill for a grand design. It’s certainly a change from the black box glass pavilions much favoured in recent years.

The house is mind-blowing. The “curve” flows around the corner site, with the contoured roofline dropping down at either end. Visually, it fits right in with the topography.

Moller’s “wow” is not always justified when he turns up for a reveal, but it is this time. For a nano-second he is even speechless.

Moller sums it up beautifully: “Everyone involved in this extraordinary project was taken out of their comfort zone, but together they created something truly remarkable… it’s a masterpiece.”

"something truly remarkable... it’s a masterpiece.”

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