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Glassforce structural glass floors are increasing in popularity and are becoming a first choice for Builders, Developers and Architects. Our glass floors transform dark spaces into light filled rooms. Structuarally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Can be used in both Residential and Commercial applications.

Our glass floor designs are so much more than simply a pleasant addition to a home: they offer countless benefits both practically and aesthetically. The options for customisation with a glass floor are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable.

Countless benefits both practically and aesthetically

Glassforce structural glass floors are a perfect solution for increasing the amount of natural light that flows through a home or business. Our structural glass panels are bonded to the substructure using our Davantech method ensuring durability and functionality.

All glass floors are made to measure so no restrictions on size or shape. Join in the latest trend and allow us to add a Glassforce glass floor to your project today!

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