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Let the light pour in and see more of the world around you with our custom-made Skylights.

If you want to convert your home to maximise your living space and bathe in light, you’ll probably be considering our specialized roof lights or skylights to complete the build.

Fixed Rooflights

Pitched Skylights

Retractable Skylight

Roof Windows

Pyramid Skylights

Add light and vibrancy to a commercial or residential property with a custom-made Skylight.

A skylight can cast more than triple that amount of light as a similar sized vertical window. The utilization of Glassforce Skylights can guarantee that spaces are lit by natural light, with practically no artificial lighting required.

Skylights can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs and are designed to fill your room with natural light saving you on energy costs. With Glassforce Skylights and rooflights you are proven to be up to 15% neurologically healthier.


Our skylights are fully code-compliant, using fit-for-purpose structural glass, which is Davantech-bonded to a coated steel frame.

Glassforce Skylights are a good option instead of windows when there are sizing restrictions or privacy issues. In changed upper room spaces for instance, where windows aren’t appropriate, openable bay windows can give both light and ventilation to a generally dull and dusty space.

  • Add natural light to your rooms
  • Let in fresh air & ventilation
  • Saving on energy costs
  • Enhance natural views
  • Aesthetic changes add to the resale value
  • Benefit from Glassforce’s super-sized Skylights

Glassforce Skylights are fully compliant to the latest building code. By using the Glassforce Davantech method we can bond the selected glass type into our powder coated steel frames achieving much larger skylights than what the market provides. Whilst enhancing your view they add natural light, save on energy costs and with the aesthetic change can add value to your home or business.

Change the look of your home or business now by flooding it with warm natural light

GLASSFORCE 'Pro-Glide' - the Ultimate in Retractable Glass Roofs

The GLASSFORCE ‘Pro-Glide’ retractable glass roof system. Fully automatic, (electric motor driven) with remote control and rain sensor for automatic closing when rain is sensed. The unit has a soft open and close function, built with marine quality hardware, using glassforce bonded glass technology, and has a concealed frame. This is the ULTIMATE in retractable glass roofs. Fully compliant.

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